November 5, 2009


In this place I sit, I cry, and I dream.
I dream of happiness.
Joy and love.
In this place I walk, I skip, I RUN.
I skip to the end.
Gone and away...
In this place I scream!
It's only in this place.

The Morning of Night

Here it comes.
Creeping up above our dreams.
Silencing our thoughts...
The Morning of Night!
Here it somes.
Dragging us in!
Trapping our minds...
It is,
The Morning of Night.

October 23, 2009

He Said

He always said he would be there for me.
He always said he would never let anything happen.
Times change,
So do people.
He said that I will live a normal life.
He said that I will be supported.
He told me.
He said I will be successful.
He said I will be the happiest person that roamed the planet.
He said ALOT of things,
But what happened...


It happens.

The good,
The bad.
Life changes.
The time to escape.
The time to run away.
The time to lose control.
All the changes of my life;
Lonely, sad, depressed, and...

Too Late Now

Confessions and lies.

Love and deceit.
Something to say,
But hard to admit.
I'm Sorry.
A couple more days.
Acception guaranteed.
Will you believe me?
Now I say again.
I'm Sorry.
All my fault!
I did it!
Is it too late now?
Confessions annd lies.
Love and deceit...
I'm Sorry.

Road to Silence

I walk on the Road to Silence.

It whispers into my ear.
In one, out the other.
I hear nothing.
Tired and lonely.
Fearless and powerful.
I walk on the Road to Silence.
The ocean is coming closer and closer.
Further, it runs.
A second is a year in time.
Wavy roads and tired souls.
I walk on the Road to Silence.
1, 2, 3, I count in my head.
Repeating memories in my mind.
Breaks, Breaths, PAIN!
I walk on the Road to Silence.